We’ve taken up another huge project and this time, it’s a long form drama series shot entirely in our studio. Checkout is a dramedy with elements of everything amazing, tears, laughter, anger and joy. Created in 2015 by our Chief Creative Officer, Soji Ogunnaike, we are glad that it finally made it to limelight.

Our state of the art Studio A isn’t just mortar and bricks; it was set up with the latest gear, from the Blackmagic Studio camera chain, ATEM switcher to the high level LED lighting

As a production company, building an entire supermarket set within a 10,000 square feet studio seemed like an impossible task but hiring the best crew and cast members made it a breeze.

We were glad to have been commissioned by Africa Magic for this project. The dedication and sweat that was put in to deliver a top notch content brought Checkout to life.

Catch new episodes every weekday on Africa Magic Urban at 8pm.

Your next project could experience this magic too, whether it is a TV show, drama, TV commercial, or film.  

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