About us

Welcome to Rushing Tap Studios

Rushing Tap Studios is a purpose-built facility that houses 3 sound stages:

Studio A – 100 X 100 ft

Studio B – 50 X 40 ft

Studio C – 40 X 30 ft with 3-wall Cyclorama and RGB LED lighting for the walls. The very first in Nigeria.

In addition to the soundstages, post production facilities, production offices for hire, green rooms, makeup rooms as well as a rooftop lounge are built on the same premises.

There is also a wide array of high end film equipment like the ARRI Alexa Mini, RED Gemini camera, ARRI Ultraprime lenses, etc available for rentals.

Our Team

Soji Ogunnaike

Co-Founder/Chief Creative Officer

Ayo Soyombo

Co-Founder/Chief Business Officer

Biodun Williams

Studios Manager

James Okeoghene

Equipment/Facility Manager

Temisan Danner

Camera technician/Logistics

Osasu Esemuede

Business Development

Busayo Olalekan


Obiesie Maduegbuna

Associate Producer


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